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The LBB… {the little blue booklet}

Yay, it’s here!  My passport.  I’ve been putting off getting a new passport for nearly a year.  Do you all have a current passport?  Well since we didn’t have a trip on the horizon, there was no need to get … Continue reading

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Good day

Today I wasn’t sure that today would be a good day.  don’t like feeling that way.  So before work, I decided to run a couple of errands and then hit the beach.  it was the best decision I made today.  … Continue reading

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Is it September yet?

Normally time moves quickly. too quickly really.  However, the past couple of days have gone by slowly.  why?  It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m sooo excited about the Missoni for Target collection.  Okay, when they … Continue reading

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Home cooked

Last night’s dinner was wonderful.  Since we’ve been so busy with house guests the past few weeks my husband and I didn’t get a chance to enjoy a home cooked meal together, alone.  Well, we dined alone last night.  I … Continue reading

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a little photo organizing

The weekend came and went and now it’s Monday again.  To me Mondays are like a fresh start to the weeks ahead or second chances to work on things we need to change or grow in.  Well, something I need to grow in … Continue reading

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A life’s pleasure

One of life’s pleasures: coming home from work and receiving not one, but two book deliveries.  So exciting, right?  There both cookbooks (love cookbooks) and are absolutely lovely. I’m looking forward to trying out a couple of recipes this weekend … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Skylar

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jennifer (that would be me) who was nine months pregnant and ready to give birth.   She went to the hospital because the doctors wanted to induce her to help her … Continue reading

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