Loving where I live

I love where we live. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The weather was a huge factor in us moving close to the beach. Summers in LA can be HOT, but as you get closer to the water, the difference in tempature is significant. {remember we moved from Las Vegas to California, we don’t want to be hot anymore}
  2. The beach. There’s nothing like the ocean. It’s so calming and relaxing. When we turn unto our street, we always feel like we’re on vacation. My husband’s job can be demanding so coming home is a double treat. Love it!
  3. We can sit on our sun porch and see the ocean. Many hours are lost in this room.
  4. Laid back lifestyle. Enough said 🙂
  5. Our garden seems to flourish. Favorite garden bounty were the yellow pear tomatoes last summer.

There are many other things we love about living here. We’re so grateful to have found our home close to the water. What are some things you love about where you live?
xoxo, Jenn

About jennahn

Hello, I am a friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a creator of lovely things. I believe in taking leaps of faith and living life to the full.
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