Here’s a few, but loud shout outs {not in any order} that should be heard:

Honda: thanks for the sweet rides to & fro during the conference & the great lounge.

Thanks for the sweet ride! {image via Jennifer}

HP: for lunch and bringing Seth Aaron and Mondo.

beautiful menu letterpressed by Smock Paper

Mondo and Seth Aaron. image via flickr: ALT Design Summit 2011}

Smock paper, Kirtsy,  Solitude, Just Shorn, Zarbee’s, Squarspace, GoToMeeting, Electrolux, Shift, ATT, Visit Salt Lake: for helping to make the sessions fabulous with a great list of panelists and some pretty cool takeaways. and for DJ SPOOKY/ Paul Miller- (a true renaissance man).

Taking it offline panelist: Brittany, Victoria, Ashley, and Jordan. {image via flickr: ALT Design Summit 2011}

Etsy: for our keynote Swiss Miss, great bag & cool calendar

Our keynote speaker Swiss Miss. {image via flickr: ALT Design Summit 2011}

HGTV, provocraft, Wilsonart, Kate Spade NY, Girls with glasses, and Politicopia: for the fabulous design camps and mini suite parties.  Everyone had a blast, the proof is in the pudding …oops, I mean picture!

HGTV party. {image via flickr: ALT Design Summit 2011}

fun photobooth at the Kate Spade & girls with glasses party. {image via angela and ithyle}

New friends: fellow bloggers/ designers/ business owners/ etc. got to meet the faces behind some of their favorite blogs or businesses for the first time, some reconnected, some collaborations & connections were made, and some just met and became friends.

making new friends and networking. {image via flickr: ALT Design Summit 2011}

new and old friends. {image via Jennifer }

The girls {jenn, vivien, kathleen, and danni}: for sympathizing with me when I lost my camera and for putting the word out on Twitter.  You’re awesome!  Fortunately the now broken camera was found  and pictures rescued.

and to The ALT Design Summit team: thanks for dreaming up this incredible experience and making it a reality.  So much goes into events and your hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears are truly appreciated by us, the ALT + A’s (attendees).

xoxo, jenn

p.s. if I forgot anyone, I’m sorry & just let me know 🙂


About jennahn

Hello, I am a friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a creator of lovely things. I believe in taking leaps of faith and living life to the full.
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One Response to ALT SHOUT OUTS!!!

  1. Yay Jen! I’m so glad I know your blog now. Thanks for leaving a comment. I love that picture of the four of us. So happy I got to meet you and Jenn and I would love to grab lunch the next time we’re in LA. Happy Thursday!

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