A lovely day

It’s so nice to wake up early in the morning before anyone else, make a nice aromatic hot cup of fiona tea, and then open the windows inviting the crisp breeze inside.  Ah, peace.  These moments are so short, but sometimes they can get me through a whole day! What small or short moments can get you through a day?

Today I decided I would finish a gift for a friend, go to the library and antique store, and last on my list: the Farmer’s Market.  Not much of a list, but the list has been completed! Yay!

It was good to be able to work on my press today.  I made personalized stationery for a friend that recently got married.  The type that I used was Typo Script, printed on Crane’s Lettra.  The envelopes have a G monogram on the flap.  The ink color was hand mixed and not quite what I was looking for, but it turned out to be a nice shade of bluish-sea green.  It’s pretty and feminine, just like my friend.   Have a look.  Sorry about the pic quality it was uploaded from my phone (I’ll try to avoid this in the future).

The library and the antique store were not successful (meaning I didn’t get anything), but were fun perusing anyway.  The farmer’s market on the other hand is always successful.  My favorite item today: the peaches.  So big, juicy, and sweet.  If my husband doesn’t eat them tonight, I would like to try the recipe found here.  Did you go there?  Sounds & looks yummy right?  Ok, I’m making them.  Wish me luck.

Today was a lovely day.

xoxo, jenn


About jennahn

Hello, I am a friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a creator of lovely things. I believe in taking leaps of faith and living life to the full.
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2 Responses to A lovely day

  1. Peach Lover says:

    You should buy many more peaches for your husband, if he likes it that much! Guess, who this is?

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