Valentine necklace

Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  Last year I came across this really cool bubblegum necklace.  that’s right…bubblegum.  They were made for a children’s party, but it would be fun and cute to give to your adult girlfriends.  Here’s the tutorial for you to try out:

bubblegum, bubblegum...chewy chewy bubblegum

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, jenn

{images: one charming party}

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homework : week one

The Spring semester started 3 weeks ago and the students are learning so much and so quickly.  They’ve already made 5 different types of books and learned 3 types of stitching.  with some of the homework they’ve turned in, I can’t wait to see what they do as they learn more and more.  Here’s a sample of week one homework:  they’re abc books made from one-sheet of paper:

abc book with hand drawn illustrations

abc comic book

hand stamped abc book

xoxo, jenn

{images: mine}

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Can I get a Wu, Wu??? A Jason Wu that is!

That’s right this Superbowl Sunday Jason Wu’s Target collection comes out!  Are you ready?  The last Target collaboration, Missoni, was insane.  Do you have any favorite items that you’re hoping to get?  Overall, the collection is a little too young for me, but of course there are a couple of items that should come home with me:

loving the color of this pretty blouse. love pleated skirt

cute clutch


So to all of you that are going to brave the madness & get to your local Target store early Sunday morning: Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

xoxo, jenn



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I appreciate : girl time

One of the sweetest pleasures of being a woman is being able to spend time with one another.  We need it more than we realize at times.  So some of us girls decided to get together to partake in a great meal, talk (no drama), laugh, and just simply enjoy time away from our busy lives.  Let me just say that we had a great time together.

so happy to be out together

the girls reaction when we found out some of our meal would be comped. love it!!!

the best Philly cheesesteak

jicama and guacamole wraps. de.lish!

sautéed garlic shrimp

If you haven’t been able to spend time with your friends lately, try to make it happen…you’ll probably be so happy that you did.

{xoxo, jenn}

images: mine

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For your reading pleasure

I’m not sure about you guys, but in my house I’m very territorial when it comes to the magazines I subscribe to.  There are just two subscriptions…a little monthly treat for myself.  So when the magazines arrive in the mail, I get super excited and want to be the first to read them.  if there isn’t enough time to really read everything, I’ll put them aside until I can thoroughly enjoy them.  this means no one else can read them until I’ve had a chance to read them.  so when someone in my family unwraps and reads the magazine (clearly addressed to me), I’m not happy and I express it.  silly and selfish, right?  I know it is, but unfortunately it still doesn’t change my mind.  I’m more than happy to share them after they’ve been read by me.  do you guys have any quirks similar to this?  If so, please share.  Anyway, here is the latest issue of one of my favorite online magazines:                       


xoxo, jenn 
{image via google}
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I appreciate : long weekends…and good food


It was nice to have MLK weekend after all the christmas and new year holidays.  The hubby and I decided to do an overnighter.  It was actually a gift we got for someone who chose to forgo in lieu of something else she really needed.  No problem.  Rather than getting a refund, we decided to enjoy it ourselves.  It’s amazing what a “true” day away can do for your mind, body, and spirit.  Everyone should do it; it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but it should be somewhere where you can relax and disconnect from everyday life or worries.

Of course we had fabulous food.  We got to use our groupon to one restaurant and the following day we had lunch at Nordstrom…it was my first time.  De.lic.ous!  I had no idea.  Definitely a place to go again in the near future.  Check it out:

Nordstrom Blue Stove


Vietnamese style sandwich...yum yum

xoxo, jenn

{images: mine}



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Happy Chinese New Year : year of the dragon


Happy Chinese New Year!  Yesterday we celebrated the day with fabulous food and good friends.  Tonight we’re celebrating with more fabulous food & friends.


It’s the year of the dragon which is supposed to be the luckiest year.  I had no idea what my sign was until yesterday.  I would tell you what it is, but then you’ll probably figure out how old I am…and a lady never tells her age.  Do you know your Chinese zodiac sign?  If not,  you can figure it out here.

xoxo, jenn
{image one: here all other images: mine}
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Have a sweet weekend

This week went by so quickly.  Do you guys have plans for the weekend?  It’s supposed to rain here and both of us has to work a little.  Oh but we do have plans with friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year…that should be fun!  Anyway, whatever your plans may be here’s me wishing all of you a sweet weekend!


xoxo, jenn


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I appreciate…instant video streaming!


Last week I decided to finally check out the show Downton Abbey.  At the local library there is a long holds list and all of season 1 is not available on the PBS site.  Fortunately, Amazon Prime offers it through their instant video streaming.  There’s been a lot of good things said about the show and a write up a week or so ago in the LA Times about one of the actresses.  The show was really good, I watched 2 episodes.  Could have watched more, but figured I’d better pace myself.  It’s so easy to get addicted to a show and watch everything all at once and then when you’re caught up you’re left yearning for more.  Hoping season 2 will be just as great!
xoxo, jenn
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Bonjour Sunday


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